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Finding Inspiration Within Every Face

More than your average martial arts dojo, The Art strives to create community bonds. A place where you get to know your neighbor. Physical or mental diagnoses shouldn't limit us. Here's where we all come together to work to make things possible.  



Coming from humble beginnings, Mr. Jake taught one-off classes across the Twin Cities for most of his 20's. Helping small businesses build their programs while inspiring young minds along the way. In 2012 Mr. Jake and his wife Ms. Natalia sat down and decided it was time to embark on their own. Taking what little savings they had in their 30's, they started The Art, MMA. They decided to combine the things that inspire them both—physical fitness that instills discipline while providing a safe space within the community to grow. Having both spent their youth a little misguided they understand the importance of a busy youthful mind. They have inspired other parents and students to give back to the community as well by spending time with those in need and by countless donations that have kept The Art afloat during the planet's most difficult times. They hope to inspire for many more years to come. 




If you would like to donate please click the links below. Donations will help pay tuition, gear, and belting fees. 

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